Friday, October 01, 2010

No Autumn For Me

Autumn Landscape by Henry Grace

Going to Brazil during the Irish summer means arriving in Brazil during winter time. I didn't feel a great difference in the weather apart from the fact that the place I was staying was much dryer as it hadn't rained since late May - or by the time I left for that matter.

However, when winter ceased I could feel the days getting hotter and hotter all the time. By late September it was a lot warmer than any given Irish summer day. If you top the lack of rain to that you actually start to miss the wet days. No great worries so far. 

Yet when you come back to Ireland you, or at least me anyway, fell as if you have to acclimatise again. I've been anticipating the painful experience of getting into a cold bed with dread.

Although it was only the beginning of spring in Brazil it is as if I left during what was once summertime for me and came straight back to winter time. And I'm not talking about Brazilian winter time, which means that by late December I´ll be freezing.