Thursday, December 09, 2010

Irish young woman stranded in Vietnam needs our help

Karen Hamill
Karen was on her way back to Ireland from New Zealand and fell ill with Encephalitis, causing her brain damage in Vietnam on Nov 17th. Her insurance company turned her claim down as it did not meet their requirements.

Daily hospital bills amount to 2000 putting a great burden on Karen's family, who are presented with them every 3-4 days. Her aunt resorted to a fundraising campaign at Karen Hamill Appeal where donations can be made via Paypal. However, people in Ireland can do it directly at Permanent TSB. Please visit her site to get the bank details or/and read the full story. You can also watch The Morning Show tomorrow. Sybil and Martin will be talking to her aunt and brother at 11 am on TV3. Click here to watch it.

If you wish to contact the people responsible for her campaign or obtain updates on her recovery, please visit