Friday, December 24, 2010

Julian Assange precursor explains who endangers US forces lives

Daniel Ellsberg
The man behind the leak of top secret Pentagon documents to the New York Times on the Vietnam War in 1971 talked to Larry King and Julian Assange about Wikileaks on CNN. 

When asked by Larry King if he agrees with the White House that Julian Assange puts the lives of US forces in danger Daniel Ellsberg explained that the people who put US forces in harm's way - a 100 thousand men and women in Afghanistan - are the last two administrations, but particularly this one, with the decision to escalate the war.

Mr Ellsberg went on to say that it takes a lot of chutzpah for people who make reckless, foolish and irresponsible decisions to escalate a war that he is sure they know internally is as hopeless as these new revelations proved it to be and yet they are preferring to send men and women into the harm's way to die and to kill civilians and others in a war that he thinks that they perceive as endless and hopeless rather than to face the accusations of generals that these politicians have lost a war that the generals claim very foolishly that is winnable. 

The former US military analyst finalised his answer by saying that he believes it is exactly the same as the boss he served in 1965 Lindon Johnson, he didn't want the general staff of the army and others to resign if he didn't give them enough of what they were asking for. And that president Obama has made the same terrible mistake. 

I totally agree with Mr Ellsberg. Julian Assange is simply taking actions to help stop innocent civilians from dying. If you like to watch the video with Daniel Ellsberg click here.