Sunday, July 17, 2011

When governments pretend to care

Since the current financial manipulation and lack of regard  by the former Irish politics towards its citizens I've started thinking that the Irish government, like most governments, are not about representing the people, but using their power to put their agenda into place.

Given the present recession  it is not surprising that this government will try to cut all unnecessary costs and are prepared to enforce laws that will make personal choices into them. Luckily Irish people treasure culture too much and the hundreds of summer festivals are still in place and it seems the government wouldn't dare change that. 

However, it's not the festivals I like to address on this post, but the recent affirmation by junior health minister Róisín Shortfall. She claims cigarette breaks taken by employees in Ireland cost the public 1 million a day. How they reached this conclusion is unknown. It reminds of the talks of water charge, when the government said home owners in Ireland are the biggest water consumers in Europe when in fact there is no way of knowing that once the water meters are not in place yet.

Mr Shortfall has obviously alleged that his preoccupation about the 1 million loss a day has to do with people's health. Nevertheless, if this was the case she wouldn't have associated his point with money, which ultimately is what they want, preferably in their mates banks.