Saturday, July 10, 2010

WTIAS Answers No. 2 - I am lion by The Cast of Cheers

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<a href="">Goose by The Cast of Cheers</a>

Morning, just another day
I have seen so many that my heart could give away
Oh these days all blend into one
Lunchtime after deadline after evening meets the sun

I fail to be unimpressed (with)
The actions that you carry with your actions under stress... me more about your character
Than you could ever show me had you known that I was there

I lion will eat you
The closer that you cometh
The closer is the fool
My open jaw on the amber blue
The closer that you cometh
The closer I am to you

Hear this, I can never wait
I will keep on spinning
I will never stay the same
Hour glass, you are a true guide
Of my nature and intention you are by my side