Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It´s Addictive. It´s Hurts.

So there I was checking my friend's updates on Facebook when I saw this little ad on the right hand corner of the page asking me if I like Keane and encouraging me to download the Hurts' single.

To be honest I don't think Hurts have the same sound as Keane. What they have in common is that they both sound great. Keane is happy-to-be-sad type of music, which is a different type of sad than let's say Radiohead, which is unhappy-to-be-sad-oh-please-God-help-me.

Hurts is more of a combination of Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys. It may have a bit of sad poetry, yet it has subtle uplifting beats like Pet Shop Boys.

Today I've been listening to Better Than Love and Wonderful Life repeatedly whenever I´m on the computer. I chose the latter for this post because of the dramatic and unusual moves of the British dancer. Well, I suppose she's British like the band.