Friday, July 02, 2010

Liam Brady: Holland didn’t win with good soccer

That was one of the things he said after Brazil v Holland on RTE Sports today. I say Holland won due to better mentality.

Dunga has a strong character and that is one of the reasons why he became Brazil’s coach. His players, however, didn’t manage to replicate it on the field today.

Brady also said Robinho lost it after Julio Cesar missed the ball that led to the first goal. I believe Robinho started to lose it right in the beginning of the game when the Dutch gave it a cynical tone.

I say cynical as to reproduce Bradys second most telling word to describe the match. To me it sounds as a lighter way of saying violent. The first most telling word he used was terrible. He said Brazil v Holland was a terrible game.

Again Brady said that if the referee had started giving yellow cards from the beginning things may have been different. He said that fault Van Bommel committed against Lucio was worthy of a red card. "How he managed to stay in the pitch, I don’t know", he said. I believe the referee let Brazil down and the cynicism from both teams to go on.

Finally, Brady said unlike Holland, Brazil lacked self-discipline. I agree and believe Kaka didnt show his best soccer either. On top of that Robinhos inability to stay cool destabilised the team. Sneijder was the star of the match. He appeared more determined to do a good job and displayed more flare than our players.

Below 2 Brazil supporters n 1 Holland supporter:World Cup 2010

Photo of the Dutch: Getty Images