Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day

¨It's a beautiful day¨, says Eddied Vedder. And I agree. It's 17C/62.6F and we have what I call Brazilian skies right now. Some could argue that could change any minute, but the truth is that we´ve been having plenty of days like this for some time. 

The weather has been good since my brother and his fianceé visited us in the beginning of May. I kept telling them it was the best time to come to Ireland considering cost and benefits. And when I say benefits I mean no rain. They got little rain. There are hundreds of ways to describe the rain in Ireland as you may know, but to be honest I use my own expressions when referring to it. What they got was spray rain like when you spray water before ironing your clothes. The Irish would probably say it's soft. 

But going back to today's beautiful day. I am not graced with a great humour when I wake up, so I really appreciate when I come accross a video like the one below. It helps me regain my form. Music is essential to me and if it's sang by amazing singers, so much the better. 

Now back to listening to hubby talking about soccer. See you soon.