Saturday, June 26, 2010

Would you say Shaun Ellis is a lunatic?

I particularly, would not. But I guess I am. Not in the normal sense, though. I'm a lunatic because I love the full moon. Luna is moon in Spanish. 

And I find it hard not to associate full moons with wolves, which is another thing I find beautiful. I just love looking at them. That is probably why my late dog was an Akita, a brown-eyed happy looking wolf. But I´m not a wolf expert. Shaun Ellis is. It is clear to me he took the love for these wild canines to another level (see video).

But going back to the late spring moon, they have been associated with temporary insanity. I'm doing well since the last full moon started. At least while I´m awake because I dreamt two samurai were teaching me how to use the long sword last night. And to recover from this dream that became a nightmare I´ve been listening to Dean Martin and Chris Isaack´s covers of Blue Moon.

NB. The term "blue moon" traditionally referred to an extra moon in a season: if a season had four full moons (rather than the more common three), then the third of the four moons was known as a blue moon.

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