Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A lot of mint

As much as I like drinking Irish tea or black tea I believe it is good to vary a bit. And one of my favourite teas is mint tea. Pete likes mint too as a condiment. It has been the first herb to grow in our herb garden, where the flowers below can also be found. I do not know their name yet, so am trying to find out about it. 

It was very humid here and it has finally rained a bit. I understand rain is not very popular. However, it comes a point in summer that it is needed and that time has come. 

Galway is quite different during this time of the year. People wear fewer clothes and very colourful ones. If you take a walk down the Promenade you get a smaller Rio. You even see surfboards outside the shops. The change in Galway is so great you feel like you are living in another country during summer. 

When I lived in Dublin I did not notice such a big change, except you do feel the sun touching your skin a bit stronger than usual too.