Thursday, September 15, 2011

When an iPhone is too much

We were late for our antenatal appointment for the first time today. Luckily we got there in time to be seen by an obstetrician, which was great, because on top of our delay traffic in Galway was bad again making us even later than we would have been.

My blood pressure and urine were checked right away, but due to our delay the wait for the doctor was very long. I was literally the last one to be seen. No problem there.

However, after the doctor called my name and walked us to her office and asked how many weeks I was she proceeded to check her iPhone for what it seemed an eternity. 

I was tempted to ask her if she was using some sort of application to calculate my due date, although I don't have an iPhone myself and wouldn't get this app. 

I guess I was hoping to make some sort of conversation while she repeatedly tried to find whatever she was looking for on her mobile. You'd think that if she's used to using it all the time she'd manage to find it straight away and calculate whatever was needed, but no...

I had plenty of time to think how ridiculous that situation was. I looked at hubby. He didn't look impressed either. 

When she got a scanner to find out whether or not our baby girl has engaged she asked me could I see the baby's heart while she was standing right in front of the machine and blocking my way. 

I appreciate her checking our baby's heart but at week 38 you're hoping to discuss labour related subjects. If I hadn't asked questions that wouldn't have been the case. How frustrating...