Saturday, August 07, 2010

WTIAS Answers No. 4 - The Good Times by The Last Tycoons

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<a href="">Good Times by The Last Tycoons</a>
All these people I once held so dear
All bore me now and it’s becoming clear
We’ve both been wasted all our lives
Soon it’s gone cut and bleed us dry

It gets lonely
Oh it gets lonely
Now the good times are over

This city that I love so well
Now it won't hurt to say farewell
I´m sick to death and don't want to remain
To play that losing roll all over again

But it's only
Yeah it's only
That the good times are over

I got your letter yesterday
Cursed you once or twice for the delay
The curtain's down the stage is bare
The clock was cruel beyond compare
I sat drunk and listened silently
Now tell me isn’t that true chivalry
We said good bye and I struggled to say
I’ve always been devoted to you in my way