Sunday, January 09, 2011

Kenneth Tong - Marketing gone wrong

The other day I read this post by a professed marketing guru who said that if you're not insulting anyone, you're doing something wrong. So I thought that in marketing terms my blog is rather boring as I like to say positive things.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone's aware that this ex-Big Brother contestant in the UK is promoting size zero on twitter. He's gone as far as to advocate managed anorexia! There are several petitions online against him and his ideas. One, for instance, asks for his twitter account to be deleted. Another one wants his anorexia pill banned. 

I wouldn't think you can actually make a pill that makes people ill, but there you go, people are making a stand and possibly helping him in what he's set to achieve in the first place, which is become ¨popular¨.

As sad as it is this self-declared playboy believes he's making it big because he's appeared on twitter's trending topics. Maybe his 18 thousand followers agree with him, I don't know. But I'd like to think he's already become one of the most notorious persons in 2011 already. 

Finally, you may say he was totally unaware of the proportions his infamies would reach and couldn't have set out a marketing campaign, so I ask you to have a look at his tweets and see for yourself. He's got Gordon Ramsay involved. One of the most well-known chefs in the world, who could possibly have never imagined he'd cook good food and promote anorexia at the same time.