Monday, November 29, 2010

17 y.o. reports conflicts in Rio via Twitter

Photo by Rene Santos

Rene Santos a resident in the very slum where Brazilian police are currently operating has been tweeting all he sees and hears. Santos started tweeting about the police operations last Saturday and has thousands of newly acquired followers due to the interest in his coverage.

The young man not only gathered just about 29,000 followers, but have caught the attention of the international media. The BBC published an article earlier today entitled Rio favela tweets create overnight celebrity

Tim Hirsch the author of the said article, however, seems to have failed to comprehend that behind Santos tweets is not the desire to be an international celebrity but rather he is driven by a passion for journalism and therefore a wish to tell the world what is happening. 

The conflicts started last week when the military police with the help of the navy decided to take control of the neighbouring slum Vila Cruzeiro and the drug dealers fled to Complexo do Alemão where Santos lives.