Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mince pie for sweeter winter nights

Could you possibly resist a treat like this? Before I was put off by its name which led me to believe there was  minced beef in it. I tried it about 10 years ago and absolutely hated it. I ate it right from the pack because I didn't know you were supposed to heat them in the oven first!

It turns out originally mince pies did have minced beef in them. During the English Civil War people in England needed a ban from Puritan authorities not to eat them because it was associated with Catholic idolatry. I wouldn't need a ban to put me off eating a pie with meat, fruit and spices in it! 

Luckily people in the Victorian era had better taste and dropped the meat, making it sweeter. However, it says it is enjoyed by families across the United Kingdom only when in fact it is popular in Ireland too. 

It's indeed a nice Christmas season treat, specially if it's served with whipped cream to balance its strong taste. If you're in Ireland you can get it for just 2 at Super Valu.