Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 2 Christmas drinks

Last year the end-of-the-year festivities were mainly accompanied by wine, but this time we tried something different. Here are my top 2 favourite drinks this Christmas:

1) Harveys Bristol Cream:  It tastes like nuts and raisins and has a subtle spicy finish. I had a sip 2 years ago and never forgot it, so hubby got it for Christmas this year. It's a fine sherry and gives Frangelico a good run for their money. Even someone like me who'd fall asleep after drinking a glass of whiskey wouldn't need to dilute it in water to enjoy it. This fine sherry is imported from Spain and blended by John Harvey & Sons of Bristol. It's not too sweet, so men tend to like it as well.

2) Carolans:  Although it's been produced for 40 years I'd never had this Irish cream liqueur before. It's as tasty as Bailey's, but has a more distinct bottle. Served on the rocks is how I enjoy it best. The UK online shop says it's the second biggest selling cream liqueur. It could well be in Ireland too.

Bailey's has 17% alcohol by volume whereas Carolans has 14.5% to 17%, which makes the latter more attractive to me. The less alcohol the better for me as I can drink longer. 

I haven't had any of the Bushmills yet, so I can't judge it. Funnily enough, when I talked to my family on Skype, my brother who visited me last year had a pint of Guinness in his hands. I myself don't drink Guinness at home. I only do so at selected pubs because I like it creamy. I normally drink Bulmers Irish Cider these days. It has replaced the traditional pint of Carlsberg with lime. It seems like as most women I always go for a bit of sweetness when I drink.