Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Fight for Amazonia – Raids in the Rainforest to be aired in Ireland tonight

Amazon heron by Ibama
According to Rosg Comhlacht Léiriúcháin, TG4 is going to broadcast The Fight for Amazonia – Raids in the Rainforest tonight at 22:30.

The 52 minute film by Thomas Wartmann tackles the work of biologist Ana Rafaela who started managing The Campos Amazonicos National Park in January 2008. She and a team of 20 researches studied the impact of man in this Amazon region, which has led to the decline of illegal fishing in the Roosevelt River and stopped the opening of new tin mines. 

Other problems have also been addressed in The Fight for Amazonia, such as illegal logging, cattle breeding and a drugs route in the middle of the 870 thousand hectares park.

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