Saturday, June 18, 2011

Galway Cloudy Water (1 video)

Thursday I took an unusual early-in-the-evening-shower not knowing what lay ahead of us. When hubby decided to do same he was left wondering for water that never came. How frustrating is that when you have an appointment... 

Although we read local papers all the time we were unaware there was a planned water disruption coming up. 

Hubby left after cleaning himself like people used to in the old days and I rang Galway City Council who had staff taking emergency calls and I was told the water would be back in a couple of hours. And so it did.

I had a glass of tap water like I normally do before going to bed thinking it looked a bit funny, but I didn't pay much heat to it.

Next morning there was no doubt I was not seeing things. The water coming out from the kitchen tap was really cloudy. I rang the Council again to check if it was safe to drink and was instructed to leave the tap running until it eventually disappeared. However, after sometime I realised it was not happening and turned it off.

The Council explained on their site that supply/pressure difficulties were mainly due to air-locks in the water network due to a new connection to a 450 mm watermain at Circular Road/Seamus Quirke Road. It only became clearer later in the day.