Thursday, May 27, 2010

Living on top of a big rock

The other day I was exploring a blog on Indie Rock so I could discover new bands. I am not certain how many Indie rock bands I know. I find it hard to categorise music. I usually put them into two categories: good or bad. I like to keep things simple. Life can be complicated enough sometimes. I, for one, find it unbelievable that people can give one colour so many different names. But I guess it´s very important if you paint.

Talking about painting, I saw a preview to a tv programme on gouache painting yesterday. It left me wondering. I had an aunt who was an outstanding painter. I sometimes wish I could reproduce aunt Zélia´s  beautiful paintings. But then I think of all the colour names I do not know and am seriously not too pushed to find out. Perhaps I could be a semi painter who only uses a limited amount of colours. I don´t know...

Going back to the subject of music, though. I saw a post about Two Door Cinema, which is a band that I´ve recently started listening to. According to the Indie Limerick blog this band is being compared to Bloc Party. Given my little knowledge on the first I limited to say that to me it´s a dance version of Keane and that I had never listened to the latter.

Today I was asked if I´ve been living under a (Indie) rock my whole life. I said I guess I´ve spent a large part of my life living on top of U2 rock and that it´s so big it has prevented me from seeing other rocks. 

I´ll continue to explore other bands as I´ve clearly only followed a few in comparison to some despite the fact that my little twitradio features over 250 songs. I should count how many different bands are featured on it, just out of curiosity. I remember it has several songs from the same artist/band such as The Corrs, Jamie Cullum, The Wallflowers, Faith No More, The High Kings and U2, obviously.