Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not much news on the Irish front about Bono´s back surgery

It seems that RTE was the first to cover Bono´s emergency back surgery in Munich today. The Irish Times released information on it well into the day. The Evening Herald preferred to publish an article about the Status Quo´s singer saying that Bono can´t sing. Perhaps they didn´t know what was going on in Germany, which doesn´t earn them many brownie points, does it? Millions of fans worldwide will be searching Irish papers for news on Bono´s health and instead will find this article with Francis Rossi. He said that Bono may be lacking in the vocal department, but that he himself can´t sing either. True or not it´s a guaranteed way to have people talk about their paper.

News on Bono´s recuperation and the impact on the tour are being posted on the  Bonohood blog. All the posts have links to their original articles.