Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In the beginning it all seemed like a joke
They’d tell me "Try it, it’s cool. You’ll see. Everybody is into it"
I kept saying I didn’t want it, that it wasn’t for me.
5 Euros a packet. I spent all I had
I sold everything I owned
My sound system, my walkie talkie, my floor-polisher
Crack, a lot of crack
I normally buy it at Paulista Avenue
I’m a well-known buyer there
It’s tough. Tough
Do you remember school’s mimeograph?
You know when people are into certain smells, like glue, say
It’s a drug
I thought only young people were into this
But no
Look at the state I am
I found out you can get it over the net
Some days I get no sleep
I’d exchange it with the Cyber Café guy to pay off what I owed
I tried going without it for a few weeks
Total desperation
I suffer a lot of prejudice for collecting the world cup football cards
I have ten repeated Adriano cards
And he didn't even make it to Africa
Craque is slang for good soccer players in Brazil and was adapted to crack to suit the context.

Authors: Tio Dino and Leonardo Lanna
Translattion by me
Watch it in Portuguese - Played by: Rodrigo Fernandes

Fractal Art by
Vicky Brago-Mitchell