Thursday, June 03, 2010

Make-up for life

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my tweet about about a 4-paragraph-email I got from a friend who was offering me some of her make-up due to her moving. I told her and other people that she´s one of the most polite people I´ve met. 

I said so because I believe that even if you´re not a make-up expert like me you won´t need much convincing to accept a bunch of it. Having said that she didn´t try to convince me to have them. She simply explained why she decided to part with it and how much I didn´t have to feel obliged to take it. Sweet...

Funnily enough I told her on our way for seafood chowder last weekend that I find that Irish people are normally very giving. She´s not Irish, though. I mean, her great-grandmother was Irish, but she herself was born and raised in the US. 


  1. amo qualquer tipo de maquiagem...nem uso muito, mas adoro olhar aquele moonte de potinhos coloridos *.*

    Beijoo linda =)
    E tb adoro seu nome =D

  2. Oi Jéssica! Quem bom que você não usa muito. Eu sou a favor do mínimo possível, mas gosto de usar um pouquinho de sombra, lápis de olho e um batomzinho. Volte sempre! Bjinho

  3. Eu gosto de lápis..nunca saio de casa sem rsrsrs. Preciso acostumar a usar batom..pq minha boca tah meio ressecada =/

    Beijoo =)

  4. Oi Jéssica! Meus lábios deram para ficar ressecados também. Aqueles bastões hidratantes com FPS são ótimos para isso! Bjinho