Friday, September 02, 2011

Forced to eat white mice in Ireland

If you want to have a good amount of white chocolate in Ireland you have to resort to this pick and mix available at some convenience stores. It's mad because at almost all cashier points you see thousands and thousands of chocolate bars displayed. These stores are very dangerous places to chocoholics like myself. 

Yet if you crave white chocolate you're left with a chocolate bar that is so thin it's an exaggeration calling it a bar. It's more like a thin layer of white chocolate that always leaves you wanting more. I'd need about ten of them to curb my white chocolate enthusiasm! What's more, I'd have an ambulance called on me if I bought that many. I'd end up in a rehab centre or something. 

I say that because the portions of cookies, cakes and other nice stuff like that are small in Ireland. You normally don't see people buying huge amounts of such items. What you can certainly get away with buying loads at once in this country is beer, which is a pity to me because I rarely crave beer!