Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WTIAS Answers No. 1 - Bono at Croke Park

*... in a long line of U2 accessories, our very own space station. It’s gonna take us [to] all kinds of places over the next year, but before we put a deposit down we wanted to make sure  that it would also get us home so, I mean, actually home, if you know what I mean, safe and sound type of thing.  Anyway we had a top night last night but we’re gonna top it tonight easily.  And then we’re gonna top ourselves on Monday night. It should make a few people happy but they’re not here. You’re here! It’s like a big Irish wedding this whole thing. And people fighting in the toilets, babies being made, babies being born, love making, all kinds of stuff going on for our visitors from out of town from Chile or Brazil or…

[This is what we brought home the latest]...

Use going to instead of gonna in your English tests.

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