Sunday, July 04, 2010

Gale & Blight Warning by Met Éireann

Met Éireann is the Irish meteorological service. I checked their website late this morning to find out today´s wind speed as it´s been humming fiercely (65 km/h or 41 miles) . I found out there is both a gale and a blight warning in place. This is not the first gale warning I know of and certainly won´t be the last because Ireland is an island - I tell myself. 

Every now and then you feel like you´re out in the ocean when you´re trying to sleep and hear the strong winds. It doesn´t concern me anymore as nothing happens as a result of it - I tell myself again. 

Now the blight warning is something new to me, but very close to Irish people´s hearts because it caused the destruction of the potato plantations in 1840 and culminated with The Hunger. Potato plights are no longer a concern nowadays as potatoes can be imported from England and poverty as it were is well in the past. 

Thus I´m not concerned about the blight warning either. I don´t know if potato growers feel the same way. I hope they can overcome this, continue to make a living out of it and last, but not least, that we can carry on eating potatoes as often as we have been. Potatoes have just about replaced rice in my diet and I just love mashed potatoes.

Below an audio of the wind in our kitchen and a video footage taken outside the house. The sound in the video is more telling than the image, I guess.