Thursday, May 05, 2011


Long Kesh Prison by Crispin Rodwell
I hate this place with all my heart
My cell, this prison every part.
For me it is a living hell
With dirt and pain and a stinking smell.
The Screws they have orders to break us all.
They do their best for it is Mason's call.
So they beat and starve us every day
While they seek a rise in their daily pay.
They have blocked our windows, we cannot see,
Is it snowing or is there a drought?
For us the sun it never shines
There's just the darkness and the lonely times.
I hate this place with all my heart,
Could you blame me, from the start?
But I tell the Screws and Mason too -
To break a blanket man you cannot do!

Writings from Prison - Mercier Press

Bobby Sands was 27 years old when he died. He spent almost nine years of his life in prison because of his Irish republican activities. He died, in prison, on 5 May 1981, on the sixty-sixth day of his hunger strike at Long Kesh Prison, outside Belfast.

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