Monday, May 02, 2011

Re: Thousands celebrate Osama's death at Ground Zero

I find it odd that someone could celebrate another's death (see video below). I can understand perhaps feeling 'relieved' or 'safer', but if America continues to bomb other countries retaliation could well strike again. 

Hubby was telling me that he saw on the news that Americans were warned by their government to take extra care when travelling abroad because now they may be even more targeted than before. If I were American I'd be pretty upset over this warning. I'd hope my own government would not put me in this position. 

The question is would I ever trust my government after finding out they lied about invading Iraq over weapons of mass destruction when it was actually a cover up to get their hands on oil? It would probably take a long time until I did so. 

It's been said that Osama is dead and that he's been buried in the sea. I see. Some Americans feel the need to see Obama's birth certificate in order to believe he's an American citizen, but they'll be ok not to see any proof that the man who was so-called behind 9/11 is dead? It doesn't make any sense to me.

However, what would make a lot of sense is if it was found out that the American government isn't certain that Osama was behind that terrorist attack and his death has been forged to make people feel safer. Maybe they have a new agenda and now it doesn't suit them to have the population scared anymore.

All I know is that if the US government really cared about the welfare of their people they would prioritise health instead of ammunition. The US government spend 10 times more on guns than on health care. Not to mention recruiting the less well-off on the streets to risk losing their lives over oil, which will subsequently make America an unsafe place to live. 

Finally, you can understand how people outside America are fed up of hearing some Americans say that the US is the world's savoir. It's quite the contrary. The US with the help of other countries like the UK have for many years made planet Earth a very scary place to live. Now even Brazil, who does not have a war-orientated agenda, is said to have a few terrorists living in the country as a result of it. As if Brazil doesn't have enough problems already!

Anyhow, this is not a political blog and I don't intend to make it one, especially because I really dislike politics and have little patience to try to understand this game. This was an excuse to write in English, as I hadn't done so in quite a while. I don't stand for left or right or centre. I just like to be told the truth, something that seems very hard for most governments to do these days. No wonder why people are getting together and protesting everywhere.